About Us

Sevnut, as a dried food wholesaler, was established in Antalya, Turkey in 2000 to be the leading supplier in its region and to take advantage of import and export opportunities.


Turkey is located at the heart of world trade, close to the population of approximately 1.5 billion people and an economy of 24 trillion dollars. Antalya has been the most ideal point of this region to supply fresh fruit, vegetable and dried fruit products. Being aware of these advantages, Sevnut, aims to correctly evaluate young population and educated human resources of the country and to create added value for Turkey.


Since its establishment in 2000, Sevnut has been supplying a wide range of products to its customers, especially to medium and large-scale enterprises, wholesalers and Horeca, especially in Antalya and in the leading cities of Turkey.


With the same vision and service quality, Sevnut also exports to Europe, Eastern Europe, the Gulf Region, Russia and the Turkic Republics, and provides a wide range of services from fresh fruits and vegetables to dried fruit products upon request.


After 2010, as a Sevnut Group, with its future goals and strategies, Sevnut started to develop medium-sized construction projects in Antalya and the nearby regions and  created its own brand as Sevnut Construction.


With the vision of creating modern living spaces and answering what household needs in Antalya which is constantly growing and renewing, 20 construction projects have been completed so far, over 300 apartments, 20 commercial areas and 2 cold storage warehouses have been delivered to its customers.


As Sevnut Construction, 3 projects are currently underway on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and there are 72 flats and 8 commercial areas in these projects.

Sevnut Farming Lands (Hectares)







Our Mission

• Sevnut’s most basic principle is to achieve its goals with its dynamic structure, as an organization that develops effectively , a company which is customer and market oriented, constantly produces innovative solutions to its customers, and provides planned profits to its employees and business partners.

Our vision

To be an institution that creates value with our leading and guiding vision in the sectors we work in.
Our priorities in achieving this vision are:
• Creating reliable leading brands for our customers
• To be the first preferred supplier of customers
• To always plan the future
• To create an environment where our team will work with an enviable team spirit and target unity.